Lansinoh - Double Portable Electric Pump Offers Black Friday Sale -22%
70.000 KD90.000 KD

COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT. Make each pumping session as comfortable as possible with the Lansinoh Signature Pro. Soft and flexible ComfortFit® flanges gently hug your curves and customizable pump settings allow you to adjust for comfort....

Lansinoh - Double Portable Electric Pump with LCD Screen Set Soldout
55.000 KD65.000 KD

Lansinoh Double electric pump    50 milk storage bags  50 breast pads  2 feeding bottles 160ml  1 baby wipes 

Lansinoh - Mom Set Sale -29%
15.000 KD21.000 KD

A collection For natural feeding Moms , Includes : Lansinoh baby Pillow  2 Lansinoh Baby Wipes  2 x 160 ml Plastic Feeding Bottles

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