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Bonnisan is a clinically proven digestive tonic for newborn and infants. it improves appetite, promotes weight gain and healthy growth , and keeps babies free from digestive upsetes , gas , colic , gripes ,...

Comneb - Compressor nebulizer Sale -30%
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funny elephant shaped  nebulizer utilizes microporous MESH technology to create fine and cool mist. Silent Operation, virtually noiseless operation, noise level as low as 25 dB. Steam Inhaler Creat fine mist to absorb small particles...

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- The water based gel absorbs fever and quickly cools the skin. - The adhesive strip slicks firmly, but gently on the skin and will not slip or fall. - The cooling effect lasts for...

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Natural and Safe , Works in Minutes. Helps to ease crying associated with Colic. Use the special measuring device/dropper to give the liquid by mouth. Try to give it slowly, aiming for the side of the...

6.500 KD

for relief of digestion pain and gas issues for your baby

Kidz - Cold and sinus for Kids * Soldout
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Cold and sinus for Kids Read directions on the back of the bottle  25 ml syrup

SunVit - D3 Oral baby Drops Offer Sale -33%
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Discover SunVit-D3 The SunVit-D3 product range is designed around people’s needs for a small, potent and easy to use droplets, manufactured with pharmaceutical grade vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). This product is also prescribed by many NHS...

4.750 KD

Alcohol free and Sugar Free Cough syrup for Infants and Adults  Read directions on the back of the bottle  150 ml syrup 

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