8.150 KD

Blink Intensive Tears Plus Liquid GelHigher viscosity hypotonic formulation for even longer-lasting relief, contains both a soothing demulcent and a viscosity enhancer, Relief from a persistent feeling of dry eyes, suitable for both day-time and...

8.950 KD

Euphrasia Extract eye spray Consult a pharmacist before use. Click to Contact Pharmacist 

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Aloe Vera Gel + Hyaluronic acid Moisturizing eye drops

6.500 KD

Drops Used In Cases Of Eye Allergies To Moisturize And Protect The Eyes How To Use: 3-4 times daily or as prescribed   Consult a pharmacist before use. Click to Contact Pharmacist 

7.700 KD

Optive Fusion Eye Drops, mixed formula to provide instant relief for dry, irritated and gritty eyes. Helps retain moisture while providing sustainable protection. Promotes restoration of the ocular surface. Compatible with contact lenses. It can...

6.250 KD

Solidra 20 Multidose Eye Vials 20'S Tear substitute Hyaluronic acid• Solidra is a multi-dose sterile tear substitute with pre-dosed drops for corneal protection. • The higher concentration of hyaluronic acid provides immediate and prolonged dry...

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