Solidra 20 Multidose Eye Vials 20'S Tear substitute
Hyaluronic acid
• Solidra is a multi-dose sterile tear substitute with pre-dosed drops for corneal protection.
• The higher concentration of hyaluronic acid provides immediate and prolonged dry eye relief.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid, Sodium chloride,,,

Solidra eye drops can be used to moisten and lubricate the eye surface, especially in the case of:
• Dry eyes or minor non-pathological diseases such as burning, redness, and itching.
• Eye fatigue is caused by various factors such as stress, dust, smoke, dry air, smog, and wind.
• Exposure to harsh or artificial light and prolonged use of computer screens.
• Dry eyes are caused by the use of hard or soft contact lenses.
• Exposure to the sun, lack of sleep, driving for long hours.

How To Use:
• Remove the vial from the strip, open the cap and make sure that you put it down with the base raised.
• instill one or more drops in each eye of Solidra eye drops.
• Close the vial with the upper part of the cap.
• Solidra eye drops can be used for 2-3 daily applications.
• Use it within 12 hours from opening.
• After applying, vision returns to normal after a few minutes.

Points Of Interest:
• Solidra eye drops can be used by people who wear contact lenses to humidity and lubricate the eye surface.
• Avoid that the end of the container comes into contact with the eye.
• Make sure once the container is opened that it does not come into contact with contaminating substances or surfaces.
• Do not use in case of specific hypersensitivity to the components or other chemically related substances.
• Do not use Solidra eye drops together with other drugs for external ophthalmic use.
• Do not use Solidra eye drops in case of infectious ocular diseases.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• In case of problems while using the product, stop treatment and consult a physician.

Made in:

0.6 ml × 20 Vials.

Store at room temperature.

Consult a pharmacist before use.

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