4.550 KD

- Helps return elasticity to damaged skin and fades scares & blemishes. - Helps reducing inflammation, bed ulcers, diabetic foot and leg ulcers. - Helps in Post laser resurfacing, peeling and dermabrasion.

5.500 KD

The pure and gentle clenaisng action of Herbal Glo Mositurizing Body Wash removes germs and bacteria while leaving your skin naturally fresh. The biodegradable skin cleanser is specially formulated with Grape Seed Extract, Tea Tree...

2.600 KD

Dr.Smooth is a universal lubricant gel for personal use. for vaginal , gynaecological and surgical lubrications. unlike many lubricants, it is also sterile, so it is ideal for use in general hospital procedures.   

Sonbaren - Skin Ointment Sale -3%
5.850 KD6.000 KD

Urea infused topical cream perfect to soften rough dry skin Caused By Eczema , Keratosis and others. It contains: Urea Squalene And Vitamin E 

9.000 KD

Nourishes and conditions skin. perineal massage promotes skin elasticity and scratching during childbirth. gynecologically tested & 100% natural. can be used 3-4 times per week from 34 weeks pregnant to moisture and condition the skin...

5.900 KD

Moisturizes and protects your dry skin. The benefits of our plan extracts. Vitamins and emollients are combined with specially created essential oils, leaving your skin looking feeling soft and silky. herbal Glo moisturizing hand &...

12.350 KD

A bind of 6 fruits acids, vitamins, and plants extract, will make a significant improvement in the appearance of the cellulite. it turns, forms and moisturizers in one easy step. Ideal for use on internal...

2.600 KD

A fragrant and refreshoinf intimate fek with an innovative formula that helps to maintan a lasting sense of freshness ans cleanliness in your intmate area. Suitable for both men and women. Deodorizes and soothes the...

Prim - Kids Wrist Brace Sale -18%
8.250 KD10.000 KD

immobilizing wrest brace for kids. Product made with seamless technology, Prevents rubbing discomfort on the skin.  

1.500 KD

Intensive deeply regenerating Anti Age Hand & Nail Cream A new formulation with added high quality Collagen. visibly reduces the signs of aging, regenerates and moisturizes the hands skin.  Active ingredients :  Collage ( 100%...

9.500 KD

This product is made with seamless technology to prevent rubbing discomfort on the skin. breathable / Latex-Free

2.600 KD

Calendula Gentle wash formula for daily intimate care. Provides 24 hours comfort, Keeps the natural level of pH and prevents from unwanted problems. Helps the protective functions of the skin of the delicate intimate zone....

1.500 KD

a new hydrating formula with added Hyaluronic Acid ( Cube3 ), Designed for keeping hand's skin and nails in optimal condition. visibly smooths the skin and makes hands more gentle and the nails healthier.  Activre...

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