4.500 KD

Each mask is sealed in a separate pack Protective Face Mask  Protect from 99.9 % of airborne particles. Usage:  place the mask over the nose and mouth , then press the metal part from the...

2.000 KD

re-washable Fashionable face masks, can be used and re washed up to 10 to 15 times. comes in multiple colors 2 Grey 1 White Mask 

3.500 KD

Baby model Hair & Body soap is great for sensitive skin types as the formula is soap free , paraben free, no more tears and hypoallergenic. It leaves your baby's skin really soft with a...

1.090 KD

Bonnisan is a clinically proven digestive tonic for newborn and infants. it improves appetite, promotes weight gain and healthy growth , and keeps babies free from digestive upsetes , gas , colic , gripes ,...

2.660 KD


2.950 KD

- The water based gel absorbs fever and quickly cools the skin. - The adhesive strip slicks firmly, but gently on the skin and will not slip or fall. - The cooling effect lasts for...

8.500 KD

For new and old scars, injury, burns, abrasions, hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, and acne. Apply a thin layer to your clean, dry affected area 2 to 3 times daily. Gently massage into your skin.   50gm/pack

26.000 KD

a cream that comprehensively makes skin look flawlessly bright, clear and younger-looking day by day.  The components works together to provide an instant whitening effect along with skin regeneration. It also provides abundant moisture and...

3.500 KD

- Helps return elasticity to damaged skin and fades scares & blemishes. - Helps reducing inflammation, bed ulcers, diabetic foot and leg ulcers. - Helps in Post laser resurfacing, peeling and dermabrasion.

2.500 KD

This gel provide fast and effective relaxing for the relieve on minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associate. This gel provide fast and effective relaxing for the relieve on minor aches and pains...

2.600 KD

Dr.Smooth is a universal lubricant gel for personal use. for vaginal , gynaecological and surgical lubrications. unlike many lubricants, it is also sterile, so it is ideal for use in general hospital procedures.   

1.600 KD

Max Protein Nutrition Shake 30G Protein 1G Sugar only    150 Calories 25 Vitamin and Mierals  1.5 G Total Fat 

9.900 KD

The food supplement Eufol-Plus (30 blistered tablets) has been specifically studied to supply the right dose of iron in pregnancy, for the well-being of the mother and the future child. The product contains iron bysglycinate, a form...

6.500 KD

Preservative free rewetting and nourishing drops for stressed eyes. based on provitamin B5. Protects the eye against dryness, irritation and tiredness. Also Suitable for wearers of all types of contact lenses, Cares for the eyes...

6.040 KD

Ganaton Tablet contains Itopride as its active ingredient. It is also known as 'Prokinetic' medicine. Ganaton 50 tablet is used to treat various conditions such as indigestion, heartburn, nausea, vomi. This medicine is used to increase motility, thus helping reduce these symptoms.

6.500 KD

for relief of digestion pain and gas issues for your baby

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