39.000 KD

One size fits all which Provides a moderate compression, increasing microcirculation in the lumbar region. It's removable tensioner provides varying degree of compression to suit the needs of the user. thanks to its unique modular...

15.000 KD

Clavicle immobilizer made from breathable honeycomb fabric on the outside and absorbent terrycloth with a pleasant feel on the inside. the back is composed of a dorsal pad that provides support and comfort thanks to...

19.000 KD

provides adjustable compression and heat, and improves the users proprioceptive ability. its design allows a perfect fitting to all body shapes. fits both sides.

19.000 KD

Knee support made from breathable, elastic and padded fabric, providing a fit suited to the needs of each patient. it features lateral stay to stabilize the knee joint in the mediolateral direction. allowing movement, and...

6.750 KD

Airtex breathable, provides moderate compression, increases microcirculation and improves proprioceptive joint function. its unique design enables it to contour to any wrist/thumb. right and left models. post-traumatic joint synovitis of the radius after cast immobilization treatment,...

6.750 KD

Highly flexible wrist wraparound brace design that stabilisez by wrapping around the thumb and wrist, exerting the necessary compression to hold the joint and relive pain. while maintaining the functionality of the hand.

Prim - Arm Plaster Cast Cover Sale -6%
8.000 KD8.500 KD

Waterproof and reusable cast cover. watertight cover that helps to keep the plaster cast, splint or bandage dry in the shower or bath.

8.750 KD

Support, Stabilization and movement limitation for the upper limb, keeping it in physiological position. 

Prim - Kids Wrist Brace Sale -18%
8.250 KD10.000 KD

immobilizing wrest brace for kids. Product made with seamless technology, Prevents rubbing discomfort on the skin.  

9.500 KD

This product is made with seamless technology to prevent rubbing discomfort on the skin. breathable / Latex-Free

Prim - Knee Brace support Sale -10%
27.000 KD30.000 KD

Breathable closed knee brace with polycentric joint. This Product is latex free. All items features fastening straps, a blue dot for the proximal area ( thigh ) and a red dot for the distal area....

19.000 KD

Knee Immobiliser for kids 2-12 years old, Product made with seamless technology to prevent rubbing and discomfort of the skin.  Knee support made from breathable, elastic and padded fabric, providing a fit suited to the...

Prim - Happy mammy Back support Soldout
21.000 KD26.000 KD
21.000 KD26.000 KD

One size fits all Maternity back support, for mild lower back pain during pregnancy. recommended for large increase in abdominal volume or for the last month of pregnancy. it is advisable to fit the support...

Prim - Musculoskeletal Neck brace support Sale -20%
6.800 KD8.500 KD

Prim Soft Cervical Collar. Machine wash with lukewarm water, do not bleach do not iron

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